The Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) Generator Tool creates Extensible Markup Language (XML) data deliverables that can be read by any user on any computer platform. Currently, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (USEPA) has deployed two versions of the SEDD Generator Tool, the Java Web Start (JWS) Tool, and the Stand-Alone Tool. To invoke the JWS Tool, or to download the Stand-Alone Tool, you must use Microsoft® Internet Explorer (IE) Version 8 with Java™ Support enabled.

The latest release of all versions of the SEDD Generator Tool now allows laboratories to generate SEDD files containing all DTD tags.

The USEPA/Analytical Services Branch (ASB) allows any laboratory the use of this tool. Please contact Michael S. Johnson ( if you need an account for the SEDD Web-based tool.

For additional information regarding implementation of SEDD, please refer to the SEDD Implementation Web page.

For further information about the SEDD Java Web Start (JWS) Tool, download the SEDD Java Web Start (JWS) Tool User's Guide (PDF, 3.43MB, 82 pages).

For further information about the SEDD Stand-Alone Tool, download the SEDD Stand-Alone Tool User's Guide (PDF, 3.8MB, 82 pages).

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What's New?

SEDD Web-Based JWS Tool Deployed

SEDD Web-based Java Web Start (JWS) Tool is developed and deployed to continue supporting the Web-based version. Currently the JWS Tool is available to public usage.

SEDD Stand-Alone Tool Status

The SEDD Stand-Alone Tool has new features to support Document Type Definitions (DTDs) with attributes. The Stand-Alone Tool accomplishes the goal of creating a "free-to-download" version.

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